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Have you ever looked at your carpet and wondered what's beneath it?  I don't mean the floor itself, but all of the foreign elements that get trapped in your carpet.  You might never have wondered, but they are there, and such elements can lead to respiratory diseases and allergies if not taken care of.

It's true, vacuuming your carpet does help, but it won't bring out all that's on the very bottom.  Only a Clean-Freak steam cleaning session will rid your house of those many allergens that hide right underneath your fabrics.

Medicine Hatís top choice for carpet, furniture, and automobile cleaning is Clean-Freak Services. Blaine Shackleton has years of service and is now bringing those skills along with the purchase of the latest technologies in cleaning, to Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Clean-Freak Services will do an incredible job for very reasonable pricing.

Commercial or Residential properties, no job is too small or too large. Contact Clean-Freak for a FREE QUOTE!



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Clean Freak Services 2014.

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